Selective Simplicity


I am turning my back on technology.  More precisely I am turning my back on my cell phone.  For the last fifteen years I have had a contentious relationship with this technological wonder/demon.

When I got my first cell phone it was simply as a safety measure; I had just gotten a motorcycle, a Harley Davidson Sportster, and I wanted to have the security of being able to call someone in case of trouble.  At the end of my Harley riding adventures I had only one instance of needing help; I ran out of gas and the person I tried calling never answered, so I found a landscape guy to help me.

My cell phone became useful when I started dating Poncho.  We talked endlessly on the phone because we were about an hour away from each other so daily face time wasn’t always an option.  However, the downside to that, and for one month it was quite a large downside, was I went over my allotted minutes and incurred a massive overage fee.  Once I moved in with Poncho, the only real time I used the cell phone was to call family.  Now you have to understand, I love my family, very much; we just don’t talk all that often.  A current example of this was a few days ago I called my mom.  I hadn’t talked to her for over six weeks, and we were on the phone for 25 minutes.  Her life and my life  are generally pretty consistent so there isn’t that much to get caught up on.  Now I did have news for her; we had finally finished the cabin enough to be able to move into it, but beyond that there really was no new news.  I think my other siblings speak to her a lot more; two of them live in the same city as she does, but no one that I’m aware of is all that surprised that I don’t communicate via phone (or email for that matter) very much.  My life is pretty quiet with very little drama.  I like it that way.

So anyway, back to the topic at hand; since we moved into the cabin we were able to go back to old technology and got a land line phone.  Honestly, for Poncho and I, a land line just makes more sense.  We want to be comfortable when we decide to talk to someone, we don’t want to deal with poor coverage which is an issue here in the boondocks, and we almost never used the cell phones when we were out and about doing errands or traveling.

Now there is a small caveat to this declaration; we are going to be on a small holiday next week.  At this time I don’t know if Poncho will be traveling with our friends who will be going early or with me a few days later.  If I do travel by myself, I might consider buying a few minutes for my cell phone just as a safety net.  But then again I might not.  Right now I am of two minds about that.  The travel time to our destination is only about three hours, but the vehicle I’m going to be driving is still needing some bugs worked out, and we haven’t traveled long distance with it yet.  As you’ve probably guessed we bought a vehicle used and are still in the shaking out phase.  I don’t want to waste money on minutes if I don’t use them, but I don’t want to be without access to help if I need it.

Finally, just because I am giving up a piece of technology that I never really embraced fully doesn’t mean I am giving up all technology.  I LOVE my lap top and the internet.  There are so many interesting things to explore out on the world wide web.  Not to mention this new adventure in blogging.  I am addicted to my lap top the same way many are addicted to their smart phones.  I guess the only difference is that I prefer to surf the web with my feet up on the couch in my pajamas  instead of at a coffee house with a grande latte.  I guess it all boils down to personal taste.

If I remember I will update what my final holiday decision ends up being: to cell phone or not to cell phone.


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