A View Off The Porch




Several years ago I had a wonderful tortoise shell kitty by the name of Phantom.  I had rescued her out of a ditch when she was just a baby; not more than four to six weeks old.  For about six years she was an indoor apartment cat.  In fact, I used to joke that she could get lost walking down a hallway.  Anyway, when I moved in with Poncho, she got her first taste of outdoor rural life.  At first, she was content just to hang out on the back porch, but the great outdoors, with all its mysteries, beckoned to her.  I can remember the day she took that leap of faith like it was yesterday.  It was late summer, and the grass and dandelions were knee high.  She was watching the birds as they scavenged the seed heads.  In a great bound she left behind the safety of domestic life for the excitement of the wild outdoors.  Of course, she did not catch a bird that fateful day.  They saw her coming, tail high in the air, from several yards away and calmly fluttered away.  It would take several weeks of teaching herself how to hunt, but that single jump into the unknown was remarkable to watch.  So, in honor of that courage, I am going to start a recurring post called “A View Off the Porch”.  I don’t know yet how often I will post to this feature, but I want to include photos along with a small description.  The theme will be getting off the porch and out into the world, even if its my small corner of it.



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