Bless the Beasts

I am suffering from a large dose of guilt this morning.  Two days ago as I was returning from my walk, a seriously injured raccoon crossed my path on the estate lane.  It had obviously been hit by a vehicle and was paralyzed in its back quarters.  When I got to the cabin I explained the situation to Poncho and asked if we could go find it and put it out of its misery.  We searched for the poor creature but could not find it.  Then yesterday on my walk for some reason I decided to look into one of the post holes that Poncho had excavated for a gate.  To my surprise there was a raccoon sleeping in it.  Again, when I got home I relayed what I had seen to Poncho.  He felt that the hole would be a good spot to sleep because it was cool.  Neither of us went back to check on the animal’s welfare, thinking it must be another raccoon.  This morning when I walked passed the post hole I looked in again, and there was the injured creature, but it was obvious that he had passed away.  I immediately went back to the cabin got Poncho, and we pulled the raccoon out of the post hole and gave him a proper burial.  I am feeling guilty because I did not do as much follow through in trying to help this injured animal as I feel I should have.  I can’t even imagine the pain from his injuries he was feeling.  While raccoons can sometimes be a nuisance it is only because they are very adaptable and have figured out how to take advantage of human presence.  But no creature, great or small, should be made to suffer, therefore for these last two days I feel responsible.

Now I need to go find Ginger and give her a big hug and ask her forgiveness since I snapped at her earlier before going for my walk.


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