My Morning Walk

Since we have moved back onto the estate I’ve been able to renew a routine I’ve quite enjoyed in the past; taking a walk.  To be honest, this is pretty much the only exercise I get.  I walk about forty-five minutes to an hour; which translates to about two-and-a half to four miles (three-and-a-half to six kilometers).

I’ve never been one to hit the gym.  I did have a gym membership once, but when I did go I utilized the treadmill and the elliptical, with the occasional weight machine thrown in.

I just prefer walking outdoors when the weather is pleasant as a form of exercise.  Being by myself, out in nature, allows me to let my mind wander and contemplate all manner of issues that might be bothering me or be of interest.  In fact, the more worrisome the thought, the faster I walk.

Being outside also allows me to view my surroundings in a more intimate fashion than when I am driving the same routes.  I can ponder the beauty of The Gorge or contemplate a particularly interesting snag of a tree.

The Gorge

The Gorge

Interesting tree

Interesting tree

Since I live in a rural setting, traffic is not a huge issue; although when I do hear a vehicle approach I do pay attention since I’ve no idea if they are paying attention.

In addition to the aforementioned exercise, I am also using this opportunity to not only view but to record my surroundings.  Since I’ve decided to take up photography as an amateur interest, I am seeing everything around me as a potential photograph.

There are many beautiful sights to catch my eye.


Tree stump with Foxglove and Wild Rose

Random roadside wildflowers

Random roadside wildflowers

There are also some not so beautiful things.

Dumped trash

Dumped trash

Derelict truck with trash

Derelict truck with trash

And there are some very upsetting things, like the unfortunate raccoon I previously blogged about.

I have even had some wonderful creative inspirations while out on my morning jaunts.

How do you connect with your environment?


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2 Responses to My Morning Walk

  1. ET says:

    May I suggest that hose aren’t wildflowers but depending on where you live invasive species. Look up common hawkweed and oxeye daisy.

    I too take photographs – being able to take an almost limitless number of pictures and seeing them right away is such a learning experience.

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