Book Review – Anonymous Sources

I have been debating whether or not to write this book review since it is less than flattering, and it is after all my first blogging review.  But I’m going to throw caution to the wind and hit publish.

Anonymous Sources

If you are looking for a simple, don’t have to think, summer read, that can be picked up and put down with ease, then Anonymous Sources might be an appropriate choice.  The author, Mary Louise Kelly, attempts to use her experience as a journalist to create a character and a series of events that are not necessarily implausible but highly improbable.

The character, Alexandra James, is not very sympathetic and rather flat.  Her defining issue is something that would have been titillating if the story took place in 1963 or was a Judy Blume After School Special.  But in 2013 it just feels passe.  While it’s my understanding that some journalists can get themselves into dangerous situations this heavy drinking, high heel wearing fashionista of a character doesn’t fit the type.  Perhaps that is what Ms Kelly was hoping to achieve; that a city girl journalist can face down danger while maintaining a certain sense of style.

The plot has Alex James reporting on the death of a Harvard University graduate student.  As she tries to determine the cause of death the clues take her in a very different direction and she finds herself trying to stop a terrorist plan.  This is really nothing new to the thriller/mystery genre; a terrorist plot is being hatched and its up to the hero/heroine to figure out how the seemingly different clues come together in time to stop it.  Since two different former Central Intelligence Agency officials praised this work I can only surmise that Ms Kelly isn’t divulging anything that hasn’t already been thought about and planned for.  As for one small reference to cell phones that could have been intriguing, sadly Ms Kelly was scooped by real life events.

While this isn’t a terrible read, it is my recommendation to check out Anonymous Sources from the local library and save the cost of the book for a quality gin and tonic.


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