A View Off The Porch – Ten Years Strong

Around the last week in July, 2003, Poncho and I met for the first time in person.  For the previous three weeks we had been IM’ing, e-mailing, and talking on the phone.  You see, we met on an internet dating service.  Yep, we are one of those couples who actually succeeded in finding love online.  It has now been ten years and I’m still as IN LOVE with him as I was back then.  Probably more so because all of the adventures we have been through together.

To celebrate, we put down the construction tools and got off the porch to our favorite haunt, Beaches Restaurant and Bar.


In my very humble opinion, they have the best eats and drinks around.  We tend to end up in the bar for happy hour because they have a very generous bar food selection along with some wonderful drink specials.  We started off with their drink special, Margaritas.  These are such wonderfully made drinks.  Hands down our favorite food selection is the Pork Shank with Pomegranate and Sherry Sauce.  The “shank” is actually a rib in the bar, but in the restaurant it is the shank.  That sauce is like a little bit of heaven and someday I’m going to try to recreate it.



After a goodly amount of food, alcohol, and people watching, we strolled along the waterfront promenade.  The Columbia River is always so interesting to watch. With the seasons her mood changes; last evening it was calm and inviting.  We watched the sailboats tack across the water as the sun reflected off the surface in shimmery waves of light.


After awhile we headed back home to spend the evening together alone and in tune.  Happy Anniversary Poncho!  I LOVE YOU!


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