I’m a Chile Addict


I am a very happy camper today.  You could even say I have found Nirvana, Heaven, Valhalla, Shangri-La, and Utopia.  Why?  Because today I was able to get fresh roasted Hatch Green Chile from New Mexico.


The grocery store I go to here in the Pacific Northwest is getting the mouthwatering fruit in for the next four to six weeks.  And they are fire roasting it on the premises.  So I got a case; 25 pounds of this little taste of my natal state.  I realize that that may sound like a whole lot of chile, but it’s amazing how quickly it gets used up.  When I have an even small quantity I will put it in just about everything; from scrambled eggs to chicken noodle soup.  And of course all of my native New Mexican dishes.


Now I can’t just leave the chile in the box. I had to spend a couple hours packing it into small sandwich bags so that they can be frozen.  Then, whenever I need a few chilies I just pull a baggie out of the freezer.

Even though my sad little garden didn’t pan out they way I had hoped, I am thrilled that I will still get to have an abundance of chile.  And there is all the other fruits that are coming into season now.  I really do enjoy the variety of fresh food that is so easily available right now.  Of course I will still tend my two little tomato plants that do have some fruit setting in on them, and plan for next year.


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