In Dreams

Rachel stood on the rocky outcropping and looked over the storm enraged sea.  Even as the wind and spray lashed about her, she refused to move.  She must stay on watch, she kept telling herself.  He promised.  If she would just stay alive he would come for her.  The trials had been great.  Getting out of the burning city was almost too much.  So  many near misses; so many people dead so she could live.

Rachel looked down at the ring on her left hand.  His token of love to her.  Even in the grey light of the impending storm, the sapphire burned with a deep blue flame.  The memory of the night he gave it to her was a dream com true turned into a nightmare.  The candles, the perfectly laid out dinner; then the banging at the door, the soldiers trampling in, guns and bayonets drawn.  But he promised, if she stayed alive he would find her.

Why was it taking so long, she kept asking herself.  Surely he would have been freed, or at least escaped.  All those stories he told her about his adventures; how he evaded the authorities, how he slipped into the night, how he cheated death.  Where was that daring now?

As the first sheets of rain began to come down, they mixed with the tears that ran down her cheeks.  In the wind she thought she heard her name being called.

“Rachel?  Rachel!”

A gust of winds caught her cape and tore it from her shoulders.  She turned to look up but it was gone.


Her gazed focused on the man calling her name and she smiled.

“Come on.  I’ve got the tickets.  The movie is about to start.”

Rachel rushed up to Edward and gave him a long meaningful kiss.

“What was that for?” he asked, smiled.

“For being the man of my dreams,” she replied.


About princessdeloso

I do many things. I even write about some of them.
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