Crossroads – Redux*

It started in the distance; that low rolling rumble like thunder.  Shane put his fork down and cocked his head so as to hear better.

We were eating dinner on the patio.  It was a pleasant summer evening, blue skies, the sun blocked by the trees in the yard, a cool breeze blowing from the west.

The rumble faded, and he picked up his fork again.  But just as he was about to stab a plump piece of shrimp scampi, the rumble came back, closer this time.  His fork dropped from his hand and clanked on the plate.  He stood up and stepped to the edge of the patio.

Every sense was attuned to the rumble.  Which direction was it coming from.  How many were in the group.  Were any of the individual roarings now discernible recognizable.

I could tell by his posture, the tilt of his head, the look in his eye, that I was losing him.  The call of the wild was beckoning.

It had been awhile since he had come in out of the rain, cold and wet.  Ready for warm, dry clothes, a hot meal, and a soft bed to lie in.  The rumble turned into screaming as they came out of the hilly curves and onto the straightaway.  Even I could tell, there were at least a dozen wild ones out there teasing and taunting Shane to come out and play; to release the fetters of domestication.

He seemed to sniff the air.  He was making a decision.  The high pitched wail of the downshift signaled the packs entrance into another set of curves.  Shane nodded his head, looked across the backyard then to me.

My heart beat in my throat.  Then it came.

His head dropped down, he slowly walked back to the table, sat down, picked up his discarded fork.

“Hondas,” was all he said.

He attacked the once forgotten shrimp, popped it into his mouth, and chewed it with relish.

I took a sip of beer from my glass and smiled faintly.  For one more day I would have my wild man by my side.

*This piece originally appeared on the inaugural issue of The Paperbook Collection.  If you have not had the opportunity yet, please check it out!  Jayde-Ashe of The Paperbook Blog has put together an exciting new magazine based on original works by bloggers here on WordPress.  And if you have an original piece of artistic talent that has yet to be published anywhere (including WordPress) send it her way.  She is always looking for new and innovative work.



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