Seeds of Inspiration


Why does inspiration always come at the least opportune times; like right before I want to lay down to sleep, or even worse, ten minutes after I have finally gotten comfortable in bed.  A thought will suddenly occur to me; a seed if you will.  A potential story, poem, or rant.  My mind will start working on it; nourishing, cultivating, fertilizing.  I know what I should do.  I should get up and get the basics of the idea down.  Run a quick outline.  Concretize what I am feeling.  But I just got comfortable.  The pillow is fluffed just so.  The bed sheets are still crisp and orderly.  If I get up, or worse if I simply sit up in bed and jot down notes on a piece of paper or on the laptop, all that comfort is gone.  And for me getting the idea down on paper doesn’t guarantee that the idea will go to sleep.  No, it will continue to grow, demanding attention, and keep me awake for a lot longer than I wanted.  Even this rant started as a seed; sprouting forth just before I was ready to slip under the covers.  At least in this instance, I had not shut down the laptop, so was able to pound out the first few sentences on the keyboard.  Luckily, for this creative piece, that was enough to put it to bed.  Of course, there was another piece I was also working on in the evening, that did not want to go to bed.  It sat up, growing and expanding, demanding I get back up and put some words down.  I finally gave in, got up and got the story a little farther on.  But there were some ideas that I really wanted to remember after I had gotten comfortable in bed for a second time.  I did not get back up.  And the next morning those ideas had withered and died.  I don’t think they were pertinent to the story, but now I will never know.  I wish I were more of a night owl.  I seem more inspired later in the evening.  Could it be the demands of the day are no longer a priority, or is it the cocktail from earlier that has relaxed my brain sufficiently to allow the creative seeds to sprout.  I think Ernest Hemingway is correct; we should “Write Drunk, Edit Sober”.  When that little creative seed springs forth, take a moment to nurture it.  Run it in your mind until it is a solid memory if you cannot get to pen and paper or a keyboard.  Get it down in its raw form.  When you come back later you can prune it, harvest it, polish it.  Hopefully I will take my own advise next time I’m snuggled down for the night and inspiration plants a seed.  But don’t hold your breath.


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I do many things. I even write about some of them.
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