Word A Week Challenge – Mistake

“This week the dictionary has fallen open at the word MISTAKE.  We all have photos that seem ok when we take the but when downloaded we spot something wrong with it.   So this week we are going to have some fun and the challenge is to show a photo that something is wrong with.”

This is somewhat difficult in that I usually delete “Mistake” photos.  But I searched and found a few.

Here I’m trying to take a picture of our resident deer, but the truck and our kitty got in the way.


In this one, Poncho is taking a picture of the kitchen sink cabinet and got his shadow along with my hands doing some sort of Vanna White routine.


And finally, I was trying to use my sunglasses as a filter to show the cloud rainbow.  I didn’t exactly get the sunglasses completely over the lens.


For more fun photos head over to A Word In Your Ear.


About princessdeloso

I do many things. I even write about some of them.
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