Afternoon Reflections


I quietly sit next to a brook
Sunshine penetrates the canopy
Rain refreshed water trickles
Over rocks with a jaunty tune.

Grasses cling to the water’s edge
Heads heavy with seeds
Bob up and down, in and out
Of the meandering stream.

Chickadees and bush tits
Flit amongst the bramble
Calling softly to one another
And search for the next little morsel.

Leaves escape the grasp
Of trees preparing for winter
Some alight upon the sparkling water
To be carried away downstream.

Wind whispers through the boughs
Doug fir and cedars answer back
Quiet conversations harken
To those who are still and listen.


About princessdeloso

I do many things. I even write about some of them.
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2 Responses to Afternoon Reflections

  1. Perfect words to describe your moment.

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