The Spooky Ol’ Woods


I was feeling much like Ginger after two days of non-stop rain: bored out of my gourd.  Or to be more precise, I was stir crazy.  So it was with great joy that I woke up to blue skies this morning because it meant I could go for a walk.  The air was quite crisp; after all it had gotten down below forty degrees last night.  But the sun was shinning and it felt good to be outside and moving.


It was very quiet.  There were no cars on the road.  The only sound came from the barest whisper of a breeze that shook the rain soaked leaves.  Water droplets fell with much aplomb, and big leaf maple leaves crashed through the branches like wild buffalo.  Where the sun hit the wet pavement, mist rose then drifted away into the forest.  The sunlight burst down through the near bear trees and gave off a golden hue as it shone off the remaining leaves.


As I walked my familiar trail I heard a twig snap off to my right in the woods.  I stopped to see if I could spy anything of interest in between the trees.  This time of year with the sun lowering in the southern sky the contrast from darkness to light is quite dramatic and allows for an overactive imagination such as mine to take flight.

Could that noise have come from a deer?  They are plentiful out here.  And with it being mating season, the buck’s could be a little crazy from being jacked up on testosterone.  Or it could be a doe or fawn trying to get away from said randy buck because they are not quite ready to entertain suitors.

Then again it could be a black bear.  While not normally worried about a bear, I didn’t know if I was between a mom and her cub.  That could end very badly for me.  Or it could be one that was simply trying to find a nice spot to nap.

All of a sudden my para-sympathetic system kicked in and dumped what felt like a gallon of adrenaline into my veins.  My heart started racing.  Oh, my gosh, what if it’s Sasquatch.  There have been sightings here in Washington.  While Poncho had never seen him, he does have friends who have.


Much to my disappointment, nothing appeared out of the woods.  The adrenaline tap turned off, my heart rate returned to normal, and I started back on my morning trek.  With an imagination like mine, there is no end to the entertainment I provide myself.


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