Sunday Afternoon

Each day is a gift.  This is often said with mystical, religious, or life altering innuendos.  For us here in the Pacific Northwest it is merely a reality when coming up against the wet season brick wall.  We don’t get many spectacular days like today too often.  And it looks like this entire week is going to continue to be spectacular.  The light is just so soft and warm right now as it reflects off of the changing leaves.  It’s as if the entire day is bathed in the light of the Golden Hour.


Of course, the air temperature was quite brisk all day.  I didn’t venture out until well after two o’clock.  But I ended up spending almost two hours outside, just hanging out with Poncho while he was burying our water line.


I did wander out to a beaver pond on the very edge of the property.  It is almost inaccessible during the summer months when all the bramble is in full bloom.  But now everything has pulled back and it isn’t too difficult to follow the deer trails down to the water’s edge.  At some point I need to figure out how to get a view of the beaver dam and the water that cascades over it.  The music of the water is very soothing and can be heard from the cabin.


When I can get Ginger coaxed out she even enjoys the warm soft autumn light.  Normally she doesn’t care to be photographed but this go around she was pretty accommodating.



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2 Responses to Sunday Afternoon

  1. I’m was so excited to see the beautiful forecast for this week! It sounds like you had a great afternoon. ;O

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