Spidey Spooktacular

I have very poor eyesight.  The correction for my right eye is -9.25 and -9.00 for my left.  Then of course there is the correction for the astigmatism.  So when I am in the shower, I’m as blind as a bat except for the largest of objects.  So when I finished my shower this morning and reached for the towel, imagine my surprise (fright) when I was able to discern this lovely creature.


Thankfully, I did not squeal like a schoolgirl.  I simply thrust the towel away from my face while saying “Yikes!”  I shook off the spider who fell into the tub with me, so I quickly got out.  He was so big I could monitor his movements while I dried off and dressed.  One does not deal with an arachnid buck naked and dripping wet.  When I was finally prepared to meet my opponent head on, he had found his way out of the tub and was on the wall.

Then the storyteller and photographer in me took over and decided this would make a great October, Pre-Halloween, post.  So I snapped his ugly mug shot.  Of course, when I returned to dispatch him, he had high legged it to safer recesses of the bathroom.

I always wonder how spiders always seem to find their way indoors.  Poncho really took great pains to seal the cabin up tightly during the construction process.  But of course there is a small area around the front door where a wily little creature could make its way inside.  And there is Ginger’s kitty door that is available to others if they so chose.  So I guess it isn’t all that surprising that spiders and flies come inside.  I do enjoy all that nature has to offer outside, and I do try to live by the motto, “they were here first”, but when they come into my domain, I dispatch them with extreme prejudice.

I guarantee, tomorrow when I prepare to bathe again, I am going to be on the lookout for my leggy little friend.  Once NOT bitten, still twice shy.


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I do many things. I even write about some of them.
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