Where Do Nightmares Go When Demons Die?


Where do nightmares go when the demons die?  A conversation a fellow blogger got me thinking about nightmares, specifically those dreams where the dreamer is being chased by the same antagonist.

For many years I had the chase nightmare where my ex-husband was the chaser.  Interestingly I never had him as the antagonist until after I left him.  Before that, I was chased but I was also blind so I never knew who my pursuer was.  Then a couple years ago while googling myself I stumbled upon an obit for my ex.  He had died the year before.  Of course my first reaction was giggles.  And I won’t apologize for that response.  But after that news sunk in, I no longer had the chase nightmares.  So with the death of the demon (my ex) the chase nightmare went away.

Now I am having nightmares about a certain family member who is behaving in a very childish manner.  These dreams consist of me desperately wanting to get away from this person along with the spouse and child, but they stay.  It’s not so much a chase nightmare as a staying put nightmare.  This family member is supposedly moving on at the end of November.  I think my fear is that they won’t.  Hopefully when they are out on their own again, the nightmares will stop, and I can bury another demon.

Has anyone else had this happen, where the cause for the nightmare is permanently removed and the nightmare ceases?


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2 Responses to Where Do Nightmares Go When Demons Die?

  1. ledrakenoir says:

    Interesting, it call for a thought – I believe the answer is given by yourself – a nightmare dies together with the reason for the nightmare – and I don’t think a nightmare will be reborn – I mean if a new situation remind us about a so-called dead nightmare – so it isn’t a rebirth but a new situation that happen to look like something we have known before… 🙂

    • I think you are right. We humans seem to have certain archetypal dreams where the general theme might reoccur when a new stimulus presents itself. Thanks so much for commenting on this post. I had forgotten about it, but it does shed some light on new situations.

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