Seasons Turn

I was able to get out for a walk today.  While overcast and 45 F it was at least not raining.  It has been about a week and a half since I’ve gotten out.  As always I brought my camera.  There is one hillside at the point about where I turn around that I have photographed pretty extensively this fall.  I thought I would share how the autumn has progressed here over the last few weeks in the Pacific Northwest.

Click on any of the photos to view in a gallery format.  Hope you enjoy the changing colors.  It will be interesting to continue the photo journal through the winter and into the spring and summer.


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4 Responses to Seasons Turn

  1. So good of you to photograph the change of seasons. We made it out for a walk today too and I hope the weather next week is better than the forecast suggests…

    • I think it’s funny we were both on the same wave length today. Taking advantage of any break in the weather now is going to be farther and farther apart. Our forecast is for dry Sunday and Monday. Will probably try to get out then too.

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