The grey morning light struggled to come in through the grime covered window.  The interior of the studio apartment was cast in a perpetual shade of twilight.  The intermittent sound of water splashing onto the sidewalk as vehicles drove by warned Melissa that it was raining hard.

She fought to keep her eyes closed; to not be forced out of bed and deal with another day.  But as soon as she turned her back on the window and pulled the bed covers over her head the alarm clock went off.  With a groan, Melissa flung her right hand over to hit the snooze button.  She stayed like that for a few moments then shifted her fingers across the clock and turned the alarm off.

A heavy sigh escaped her lips as she forced herself out of bed to trudge to the bathroom.  Her eyes quickly shut when she turned on the bright overhead light.  After they adjusted she looked at herself in the mirror over the sink.  You’re no beauty queen, Melissa whispered to herself.  At least the dark circles under her eyes weren’t as predominant.  That was a small victory.

She washed her face, then headed for the kitchenette; really just a sideboard with a hotplate, bar fridge, sink, and the all important coffeepot.  She turned it on and padded over to the window to look outside while the coffee brewed.  Just as she suspected, the rain was coming down in sheets.  And it didn’t look like there was any possibility of it letting up.  She continued to stare out the pane; her breath created fog patterns each time she exhaled.

When the pot made its telltale sputtering noise, Melissa returned to the sideboard and pulled her coffee cup out of the sink.  She spied the bottle of Jack next to the pot.  It would certainly make the day more bearable if she numbed her self.  She picked it up, unscrewed the cap, and took a whiff of the pungent liquid.

Her hand began to shake, but she managed to screw the cap back on.  Not today.  She put the bottle back.

Not today.


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I do many things. I even write about some of them.
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