Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

WARNING! Rantings of a crazy woman follow.  Continue at your own risk.


What on earth is going on with the holiday creep this year.  While out doing my errands today I spotted one tree lot getting set up and signs pointing to another U-Cut tree farm.  Do businesses not know Thanksgiving is still a week away?  Or are they going to try to bleed every last drop of consumerism this year?  If you can’t it figure out, this REALLY gets me upset.  On November 1st, I was doing my monthly shopping and stores already had their Christmas displays out.  Not even 12 hours after Halloween was over.  WTF!!!  I don’t understand.


I am not a person of faith, any faith, but this lack of “reason for the season” is getting ridiculous.  I can remember as a child in the 60’s and 70’s we didn’t put the tree up until about a week before Christmas.  Lights didn’t go up until about that time too.  There was none of this “let’s piss off the neighbors displays” either.  Everything was simple.  Then on Christmas Eve all lights were out and the Luminarias were lit.  The whole neighborhood, the whole city of Albuquerque, the whole state of New Mexico, was awash in the soft glow of these paper lanterns to light the way for the Christ child.  It was beautiful.  Now I understand Luminarias are a very regional tradition, but all the other stuff applies everywhere.


Why can’t people take back the holidays – return them to their original meanings.  Have loved ones over for more than a few hours, have the television NOT turned on to some brainless sports cast, share in each others company.  Instead we have people literally killing others for the chance at a cheap flat screen television before the turkey has even been digested.  And continuing to buy crap that is truly useless so it could never be said that one is a scrooge.

Am I being jaded or have we lost something important in our lives?

Alright, I’m going to shut up now.  We return this station to its regularly scheduled broadcast.


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8 Responses to Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

  1. Jayde-Ashe says:

    First of all, I love the title of this post. It took me a second but I finally worked it out and had a laugh to myself.
    Secondly, because we don’t have Halloween (not really anyway) or Thanksgiving over here is Oz, our Christmas goodies have been available since mid-October. Yes, MID OCTOBER!! It is getting ridiculous. I laid it out for my family this year – handmade presents only, re-use old decorations in a creative way, and a simple cold meal prepared the day before. No buying into the silly season this year. I can’t wait!

    • Thanks, I’m glad you liked the title. Don’t get me wrong, I do like decorating for the holidays – I have a lot of reindeer type decorations. It’s just this creep thing is getting out of hand. And it seems to me it doesn’t do anyone any good. I’m glad you are setting your family back on the simpler more joyous path.

  2. I agree on all points. 😦 For me the worst part is the bad Christmas music that starts creeping in before Halloween…

  3. alainafae says:

    My sentiments have been similar, although they were briefly soothed by an amusing cartoon of a zombie and a turkey present in the Nativity Scene 😛

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