Hard Freeze


When we woke up this morning it was 22 degrees F (-5C) outside.  That is the coldest its been since last winter, and the coldest Poncho and I have had to deal with since moving into the cabin.  Thankfully, I’m glad to report we have no frozen pipes.  We were able to get the water supply pipe buried last month.  I’m quite thankful for that.  It is dry and sunny outdoors and I donned a few layers of clothing to go take a look at what nature might have to offer.

The frost on the windshields of the car and truck created some very lovely patterns.


And out in the field, hoary frost grew where the moles had been digging.


There are still some plants that are trying valiantly to stay green, and their frost tipped leaves glisten in the morning.


But it was too cold to stay out for long, so I returned to the warmth of the cabin and a second cup of coffee.  Now it’s time to think about breakfast.


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