Winter’s Fury

This week’s Weekly Writing Challenge is ‘Haiku’

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it

In the words of Ray Bradbury, “Just write every day of your life…”. Your mission is to write five haikus — one for each of the five days leading up to this Friday when we will choose some entries and feature them on Freshly Pressed. – Krista

I have been experimenting with haiku’s for a few months.  It is a fun way to be creative and brief at the same time.  This time I tried to put all five haiku’s together.  I hope you enjoy.

–   –   –   –

Winter’s Fury

Frosty morning dawns
Red clouds warn storm approaching
Take warm shelter now

Caught in blizzard’s grasp
Stinging wind finds exposed skin
Thoughts of home entice

Candle lit in window
A beacon against the storm
Directs feet forward

Body snow covered
Shivering hand reaches door
Warmth and safety won

Sleet beats on window
Wind clamors in frustration
Death won’t win tonight

–   –   –   –

To see more great Haiku’s, wander over to The Daily Post.

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10 Responses to Winter’s Fury

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  2. menomama3 says:

    I like how you took the haiku format and made a longer poem with haiku stanzas. Nice.

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