Weekly Photo Challenge – Window

This week’s Photo Challenge has us looking into, out from, and through windows.  Now I must admit, I don’t have a lot of photos where windows are the focal point.  But I did manage to find a few.

The top of North Head Lighthouse at Cape Disapointment State Park.  Through the windows light shines, warning ships of dangers.


Sunshine streams through large windows, a perfect place for a kitty to sunbathe.


Windows offer a needed barrier between the warmth of the indoors and the cold winter weather outside.


Check out the Weekly Photo Challenge to see more interpretations of Window.

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18 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge – Window

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  2. plaridel says:

    great photos. i liked the second one the best.

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  8. Lovely pics. I have to say the last one is best, of course!! I also posted some of my fav pics with icicles on the windows for this challenge.

    • I’m glad you liked that photo. About five minutes after that photo was taken, the whole thing started crashing down. Quite the noise on a metal roof.

      • Seriously? Wow. Where was it taken, may I ask?

      • In the Columbia River Gorge in Washington State. I think it was winter 2013 (Jan-Feb). We’d had rain or snow that was melting, then the temperatures dropped and the icicles formed. Next day the sun came out a bit and warmed up enough to start a rapid melt. Interestingly, when they fell it wasn’t like a spear, straight down. Because of the heavier top they fell broadside – which was good because it didn’t cause any damage.

      • Interesting, there is probably some kind of scientific physics study on that…. LOL! Would have been great to see.

  9. franhunne4u says:

    Liked the second one best, cause my female cat looks a lot like Phantom – and my male’s name is FunTom. This way you had both my cats in your photo 😉

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  11. djmatticus says:

    Love the dripping icicles shot! 😀

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