Weekly Photo Challenge – Family

For this week’s challenge, Josh is asking us for photos of ‘Family’.

What is family? For some, family is defined by genetics. For others, it is simply those with whom you share a bond of love.

Or maybe it is nothing less than an expression of the universality of human experience as famously represented by the Family of Man photography exhibit.

Perhaps more to the point of this photo exercise, family is something that most of us care deeply about and that we find around us every day. Photographing our family not only gives us the chance to share something close to our heart, but affords us the opportunities often required to capture an image in a very special way.

 For me, family begins with my parents.  Aren’t they the handsomest couple?

Dean and Alice Irvin Wedding 2

And here is one of my eldest sister and I.  It seems that at all family gatherings there is alcohol.  Could be the Scots-Irish roots.

Big Sis and I

And of course, my family wouldn’t be complete without Poncho.

Rome  69++++++

Check out the Daily Post for more wonderful ‘Families’.

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