Fade To Black

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The great and powerful Jester at The Matticus Kingdom provided his loyal subjects with a fascinating and thought provoking prompt today.  He commands us to finish the phrase:

If TV killed the radio star, then it is perfectly reasonable to assume that TV will be killed by _________.

This challenge required more from me than a simple one word answer.  So for The Jester’s pleasure here is my humble response.

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Television.  T.V.  The boob tube.  The idiot box.  The most destructive monster ever created by mankind.  It killed the radio.  It killed boredom.  It killed information.  It killed time.  It killed brain cells.  Nothing could stop it.  People tried.  They unplugged it.  Cut the cable.  Snipped the antenna.  But it would rear its ugly head in new ways.  On the computer.  On the telephone.  On megatron screens in arenas and squares.  No one could escape its hypnotizing, numbing grasp.  It spewed out misinformation.  It bred fake reality. It told mankind how to think, how to feel, what to buy.  It isolated families from their neighbors, nations from each other.  It promulgated hatred.  And that’s what finally released humans from the monster’s grasp.  It wasn’t television that was killed.  People watched in joyful horror as they set about killing each other.  Wars, each more destructive than the last were fought and watched in fascination.  Only until the last great battle where all humans were lost did the T.V. wither away.  When there was no one left to watch it simply faded to snow, then to a single pixel in the middle of the screen, then to black.


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4 Responses to Fade To Black

  1. djmatticus says:

    This was wonderful. Sad. Terrifying. Yes and yes, but wonderful all the same.
    Humans kill off TV by killing themselves off first because of TV. I know the day is still young, but you are in pole position and it is going to be a challenge for someone to knock you off. Great job.

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