Weekly Photo Challenge – Object

Our photographs tell stories, big and small. Some of our images are landscapes, offering wide and sweeping views of a scene; these pictures might tell the tales of an entire city, or a tapestry of stories of many people. Some photographs, like portraits, focus on individuals, while still-life moments capture the beauty (and often treasured stories) of belongings and found objects. – Cheri Lucas Rowlands

During these wet dreary winter months, my mind often wanders to summer days spent at the beach.  I enjoy walking in the sand and capturing in photos treasures from the sea.

Driftwood is often used as firewood for those cool nights sitting in the sand.


I like collecting shells and bits of wood to create a random act of beauty.


It is rare to find an intact sand dollar.  This outing I was fortunate enough to find one.


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16 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge – Object

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  2. djmatticus says:

    Nice shots. Nothing like finding inspiration while walking along the beach. It’s funny, we live close to one, but we so rarely go and just wander around anymore.

    • We are about three hours away from Long Beach WA where are friends have a beach house. But like you said, life just sometimes gets in the way and we don’t get to go out there nearly as much as we would like.

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  7. It’s so much fun to find things like this, little ocean still lives.


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  12. FireBonnet says:

    I love your random act of beauty. Truly lovely. Happy happy sigh. (and Ginger is quite the lovely soul!) 😉

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