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Weekly Photo Challenge – Abandoned

Cheri from the Daily Post challenges us to look for the abandoned: For this week’s photo challenge, show us abandoned. You can go literal, as I have, and share a photo of ruins, a desolate place, or your idea of … Continue reading

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Grey Ghost

She moves in utter silence In sunshine and in shadow Her steps leaving no imprint On the mossy forest floor She steps over brush and bramble Her search is never ending To find the tenderest morsel The goal as always, … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – 26 February 2014

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In Session

Adult theme Jeff’s breathing came faster as he heard Jessica’s slow methodical steps coming up the metal staircase, click . . . click . . .click.  He tried to twist his arms out of the restraints that held him to … Continue reading

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L’Object de Superflu

Unmounted wall wine rack, on the floor, in the corner, unused.  A gift that will never be given.  It’s stainless steel finish mocks in more ways than one.  It has a clean, sparse design. No hardware came with it. Yes, … Continue reading

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La Serenissima

Moonlight on the water sparkles like diamonds on a silk scarf.  Soft lights from buildings illuminate the edges of the canal, creating a relaxed, slow moving runway effect.  Noises are muted; small waves born from motored boats slap against the … Continue reading

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Anything On The Menu

“I’ll have a dram of the McCallan, Highland Park, and the Glenmorangie.” She returned the bar list to the waiter then looked at me. “What?!?  You said I could order what I wanted.” “That wasn’t what I meant.” –   –   … Continue reading

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On The Beach

Kate hugged Romeo around the neck as they stood under the shade of the lean to.  Romeo’s eyes were half closed, his ears twisted back in non interest, and his lower lip drooping with a nap that was beginning to … Continue reading

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Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge – Alive

This week’s challenge is to ponder what it means to be ‘Alive’.  Even with all my faults and complaints, I have to admit this ride called life has been a hoot.  Am very curious to see how it all turns … Continue reading

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Comfort Cuisine – Green Chile Chicken Stew

This winter has been a bit of a bother for many people this year.  However, if there is one good thing about the winter season it is the hearty and heart warming soups and stews that can be made this … Continue reading

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