Winter Wonderland

We were very fortunate overnight in that we did not get a bad dose of freezing rain out in the Gorge where we live.  From my understanding, Portland did get hit pretty hard; so much so they sent out a wireless alert asking people to please stay indoors and off the roadways.  From pictures I’ve seen, it was ugly, but this afternoon looks a bit better.

Since we only received about 1/10 to 1/4 inch of ice, I was able to head out again to see what I could capture with the camera.

On the dry stalks of Queen Anne’s Lace, a very light coating of ice can be seen.


Branches also had a light coating.


Though more difficult to see, even the evergreens had some ice.  I didn’t feel like trying to get closer because the snow had drifted fairly deeply near the trees.


And finally, as any one of my family members can attest, I LOVE MY TRUCK!  It isn’t the fanciest truck out there, but I’ve had it 15 years, and it hasn’t let me down.  Now to be sure, it is a gutless wonder, but yesterday it impressed Poncho and I.  Out of boredom, we decided to try to get it up to higher ground on the property in case the ice storm was bad and brought trees down.  So Poncho chained up the back tires and I shoveled paths for the tires out about twenty feet from the truck.  We figured we would get about twenty feet before the poor thing bogged down in the snow.  But miraculously it climbed out of our holler and up to the lane.  Well, since we got that far, we decided to get out to the main road and drive to the local store to get some coffee creamer.  We have our priorities you know.  That little truck of mine was a real trooper.  In this picture you can sort of see where Poncho spun the truck in the snow to get it out of the lane before we headed back down to park it.


Poncho has very few rules, but one of them is don’t let vehicles block the lane.  So he gunned it pretty good in reverse to get it to spin into a driveway.  As you can see he also got a little close to his car.  I called it a Skamania drift.  Skamania is the county we live in.  So now the truck is back under trees with a thin coat of ice.  But it’s que’d up to get up the last bit of lane the next time we need to get out.


Hopefully the snow will have melted some by the time we do need to get out.

So there you have our weekend of fun, redneck style.

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3 Responses to Winter Wonderland

  1. acuriousgal says:

    So very pretty, but yes, so very dangerous to be out in

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