On The Road Again

Tara breathed a sigh of relief as the lock clicked over and James opened the door.  While she enjoyed the exhilaration of their motorcycle trips, nothing could compare with indoor plumbing and a soft bed.

James deposited the saddlebags next to the front door as Tara went into the livingroom and plugged in lamps and the television set.  She turned it on and adjusted the volume to low.  She then went to the bedroom and began peeling off layers of gear so that she could soak off layers of the road in a hot bath.  Just as she got the water turned on she heard James call out from the livingroom.

“Babe, I think you better come in here.”

Tara grabbed a towel, wrapped it around herself, and padded back out to where James was in front of the television.  His riding gear was strewn all over the living room floor, but Tara didn’t notice as the announcer stated,”We interrupt your normally scheduled programming to bring you this Breaking News Alert . . .”

On the screen were photos of James and Tara.

“Guess we better get rid of the saddlebags sooner rather than later,” said James.

“I’ll get dressed,” replied Tara.

–   –   –   –   –   –

Word Count:  200

This bit of skullduggery is brought to you by Jeremy’s Daily Challenge.

The idea of these challenges is to use the given prompts to create a piece of flash fiction (100-200 words) or a poem (14-20 lines)

As a poet I read a lot of poetry and some more on top. I also find one line taken out of context can lead to a whole new dimension of creativity. The idea of this challenge therefore is to create what comes to mind from lines of poetry.

This week’s lines of poetry are:


  • Why preyest thou thus upon the poet’s heart – Sonnet — to Science by Edgar Allan Poe
  • And lunch blended into naptime – An Ordinary Life by Barbara Crooker
  • plugged in lamps and the television set – Old Age Home by Burt Kimmelman


If you use this prompt please link back


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2 Responses to On The Road Again

  1. Oh I love that twist at the end, beautifully done! Thank you for playing

    Regards Jez

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