On The Beach

Horse-coach jerusalem by Ekaterina Bourindin

Horse Coach by Ekaterina Bourindin

Kate hugged Romeo around the neck as they stood under the shade of the lean to.  Romeo’s eyes were half closed, his ears twisted back in non interest, and his lower lip drooping with a nap that was beginning to overtake him.  The warm, offshore breeze felt good, but the arthritis in his joints zapped the strength it took to be interested.  He could feel additional warmth emanating from the sun kissed sand so he shifted a bit to bring his body closer to direct sunlight.

Kate unwrapped the lead rope from around the hitching post and clicked her tongue for Romeo to follow her.  She hoped that spending some time lightly exercising in the surf would help Romeo’s condition and provide him some much needed relief.  She slowly lead him down the beach, letting him determine the speed and path they went.  In the full sun, on the warm sand, Romeo’s interest was aroused.  His ears came forward, his eyes opened wide and lips pursed together as he bent his head to sniff the white beach.  He let out a little snort that brought a smile to Kate’s face.  Being responsive to his surroundings was a good sign.  Romeo still wanted to participate in life.

At the surf line, Romeo’s attention was fully focused on the small wave that was coming in.  He watched as it approached him, but when the ocean water wrapped around his lower legs he reared up a little nearly taking the lead rope out of Kate’s hands.  He snorted loudly then sniffed again at the water as it ebbed back.  When the next wave came, Romeo began pawing at it with his right hoof.  Then, with tail and nose in the air, he trotted around Kate splashing her as he circled.   She laughed at his antics.  The new environment, warm sun, and salt water were doing much to improve Romeo’s state.

She lead him a little further into the surf so that the tide came up to his belly.  Romeo showed the whites of his eyes indicating that he was not terribly thrilled with the situation.  She had him stand for just a few cycles of waves before she brought him back out to the tide line.

Kate stepped to his head and gave him a good rub between the eyes.  She then threw her arms around his neck to give him a hug.  This time, Romeo responded by turning his head into her, returning her affection.

–   –   –   –   –   –

Inspiration came from Jeremy’s Daily Challenge.  Of course I went way over the suggested word count, but I needed all the words to describe what I felt.  Check it out and join in.  What do you see?

The idea of the challenge is to use any one or more of the given prompts to create a piece of flash fiction (100-200 words) or a poem (14-20 lines)

For the weekend I am going to give four prompts that can be used individually or together depending on how the creative juices flow. There will be a single word with its definition, a word bank, three phrases and a photograph – all are random so may not connect in anyway but as is the way of randomness they may connect in the creative thought – you never can tell!


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3 Responses to On The Beach

  1. Awesome take on the prompt, and such a beautifully touching piece of writing. I’m also delighted to have another rebel on board as far as word counts go to be honest I only put those in as I was advised by other challenge site hosts that people feel less intimidated if challenges have them.

    Thank you for taking part


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