La Serenissima

 photo Venice_zps8a749cfc.jpg

Moonlight on the water sparkles like diamonds on a silk scarf.  Soft lights from buildings illuminate the edges of the canal, creating a relaxed, slow moving runway effect.  Noises are muted; small waves born from motored boats slap against the buildings, conversations in hushed tones waft along the docks and inside gondolas.  Scents, pungent and putrid rise from the water and the ancient buildings to mix with the mouthwatering kind from kitchens and cafes.

The volume of the entire world is turned down.  There is nothing more important than the present.  Couples hold hands as they stroll, snuggle together, heads on shoulders in gondolas, and steal kisses in arched entry ways.

A light flicks on in the top floor bedroom looking up the canal.  A man looks through the window, his work now done so there is no longer any need to hide in the shadows.  He appreciates the quiet solitude evening brings to the normally bustling canal life.  It does create a challenge though in his line of work.  Noises help mask his occupation, but that doesn’t mean he can’t  improvise when the occasion calls for a more subtle approach.

He turns back to the bed and sees the success of his skills in the sleeping beauty sprawled across the four poster bed.  He returns to her side, a smile plays on his lips as he looks down at the auburn curls strewn over her face.  Carefully, he brushes the curls behind her ear.  He pours her a crystal goblet of water from the pitcher on the nightstand.  As he turns to leave, he picks up the diamonds she discarded on the dresser when they first arrived.  In a moment of impulse he also snatches the teal scarf.  It reminds him of the beauty outside and he wants to remember this moment.

–   –   –   –   –   –

This story brought to you by moi’s Once More With Feeling.  What do you see when you look at this lovely painting?


  • Using the picture below write an entry using the picture as Inspiration.


  • Write what feelings you get from the image, let your imagination run riot.
  • Write a short story fact or fiction
  • Write some Poetry
  • Please keep to 1000 words or less

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6 Responses to La Serenissima

  1. moi says:

    Oh thief or murderer?

  2. theinnerzone says:

    This is so beautiful prose, loved it!

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