Grey Ghost

She moves in utter silence
In sunshine and in shadow
Her steps leaving no imprint
On the mossy forest floor

She steps over brush and bramble
Her search is never ending
To find the tenderest morsel
The goal as always, survival

Her ears in constant motion
Listening for any danger
Her nose points into the wind
And smells the air currents

A twig snaps in the distance
Her head immediately rises
Her eyes search the woods
Her mouth once chewing now stops

In a flash she takes flight
An apparition in the woods
The only sign of her passing
A white tail in the distance

–   –   –   –   –   –

This bit of poetic inspiration came from Jeremy’s Daily Challenge in addition to capturing our resident doe on camera yesterday.  Join in.  Pick a prompt and let your imagination soar.

The idea of these challenges is to use the given prompts to create a piece of flash fiction (100-200 words) or a poem (14-20 lines)

As a poet I read a lot of poetry and some more on top. I also find one line taken out of context can lead to a whole new dimension of creativity. The idea of this challenge therefore is to create what comes to mind from lines of poetry.

This week’s lines of poetry are:

  • This loneliness feels more ordinary in the light – Waiting for Rain by Ellen Bass
  • The unfathomable knowledge behind your face – Dog Dreaming by WS Merwin
  • In sunshine and in shadow – Elderado by Edgar Allan Poe

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I do many things. I even write about some of them.
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