Morning Has Broken

The first traces of dawn began to emerge in the east.  Velvety black was replaced by navy blue, then royal purple.  The full moon, a mere couple hours past its prime, was sinking into the west.

Charles and Marisa sat huddled together on the large driftwood log, looking into the bonfire and out to the ocean.  Completely alone, they had spent the night on the beach, imagining they were the last two people on the earth, even though the hotel they were staying at was just a couple hundred feet away.  They had shared their deepest secrets, solved the world’s problems, and created a few new scenarios.  All topics had been discussed; politics, religion, science, humanity.  The evidence of their endeavor was strewn all around them; a box of graham crackers, an empty bag of marshmallows, wrappers that once held dark chocolate, and three empty bottles of cabernet sauvignon.  Their sleepy, drunk, sugar-high smiles beamed like the dying embers of the fire.

Charles spied the descending orb and pointed it out to Marisa.  The melting moon dripped into the ocean, its white substance radiating into the lightening ocean waters.  They watched, transfixed as the planetary satellite slowly sank below the water turning red as the sun crept over the horizon.  Charles and Marisa each gasped in awe.

Then, as Charles’ stomach rumbled, he turned to his newly betrothed, “What say ye we head to the galley and plunder us some grub?”

Marisa laughed, “Aye, captain.  That be a fine venture.”

They picked up their discarded booty, then hand in hand, the young couple trudged through the sand back to their hotel in search of an open restaurant.


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This romantic silliness was brought to you by Inspiration Monday.  Check it out!

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9 Responses to Morning Has Broken

  1. djmatticus says:

    Isn’t all romance “silliness” when you think about it? 😉

  2. ameninaluz says:

    ‘romantic silliness’ apart, this is absolutely beautiful – I’m talking about your use of words and imagery. thank you for allowing yourself ‘the moment’: it is entirely our gain.. 😉

  3. Beautiful. Put a smile on my face! Also…now hungry.

  4. elmowrites says:

    I like the way you capture this single night and some of the phrases – eg Their sleepy, drunk, sugar-high smiles beamed like the dying embers of the fire. – are electric. They sound like they have half a chance to be happy, and isn’t that all anyone really wants?

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