A Pause For The Cause

break 1

It seems as if my muse has already headed out for spring break.  I’m doing an awful lot of mouse clicking, but not much key tapping.  So I think I’m going to take the hint and unplug myself from this electronic Siren, and go get other things done that I’ve been putting off.  Hopefully, it’ll recharge my creative batteries and I’ll be back with a renewed zest for writing and photography.  While I’m on hiatus I’ll check in on everyone to see what good stuff is going on.  I shouldn’t be gone more that a couple weeks.



About princessdeloso

I do many things. I even write about some of them.
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3 Responses to A Pause For The Cause

  1. Michael56j says:

    A couple of weeks? How will we manage without you?
    Seriously, enjoy the break and come back refreshed.

  2. FireBonnet says:

    Electronic Siren? Absolutely wonderful description. I’m so glad I have a dog who tells me about four times a day to get away from the computer/tablet/phone and go outside and play. Have an enjoyable respite!

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