Love at first sight
Is a fantasy
But attraction
Happens in an instant
Eyes meet
Sparks fly
Between the two
Star crossed lovers
Sometimes it’s brief
A glance from across the room
Never to be seen again
Other times
A prelude to
Lifelong stares
Over morning coffee
And kisses goodnight

–   –   –   –

This bit of inspiration brought to you by  Weekly Writing Challenge – Fifty

No rules. Just stick to the word count — no more, no less than fifty words.

About princessdeloso

I do many things. I even write about some of them.
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13 Responses to Amor

  1. djmatticus says:

    Aw, love. Nothing finer. 😀

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  7. litadoolan says:

    Love the idea of ‘lifelong stares’

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  9. Emilio Pasquale says:

    Yeah, that is the story of how I met my wife.And some of the ways I plan on keeping her, lifelong stares over morning coffee and kisses goodnight!

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