Homeward Bound

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Morgan pulled her cape tightly around her.  The early morning fog cast the forest in a ghostly grey half-light.  The trees, the path, the flowers, all were devoid of color.  The fairie markings on the trees, though, still stood out bright to her eyes; marking the way to the boat landing, and the skiff that would bear her and her brother across the water.  Even if the markings had been somehow obscured, she would still have known the way.  She had traveled to path from her world to the world of mortal men countless times.

She looked behind her to check on the progress of the wagon carrying her brother.  The two dray ponies had their heads lowered to the wet and the cold of the late autumn morning.  Morgan waited for them to catch up to her so she could check on Arthur.  When she pulled back the blanket, she spied that his face was as ashen as the surroundings.  She checked on a couple of his wounds to see if they had broken open again.  Once she was satisfied, she tucked the blanket back around his neck.  She gave him a quick kiss on the forehead.

“Hang on, little brother.  We’re almost home.”

Morgan stepped to the ponies and also whispered words of encouragement to them.  They perked their heads up and began drawing the wagon again with renewed vigor.

After a little ways farther, the wooded path opened up abruptly to a mist covered lake.  At the boat ramp was the skiff.  The ponies stepped onto the water craft without any hesitation.  This was not their first time riding over the water.  Morgan freed the boat from its moorings and it immediately began to move.  The magic of the island in the middle of the lake was drawing them forward.  Morgan moved to the bow of the craft.  She could see the island as clear as if it were a sunny day, though to the mere mortal eye, it was shrouded in mist.



And it would be there that she would be able to nurse Arthur back to his full health and strength.

–   –   –   –   –

I am a big fan of Arthurian mythology, especially Morgan Le Fey.  So, when I saw this photo prompt, I immediately saw a place where Morgan and Arthur could be seen traveling.

This bit of writing is courtesy of moi’s Once More With Feeling photo prompt.  What story or feelings does it invoke in you?


  • Using the picture below write an entry using the picture as Inspiration.


  • Write what feelings you get from the image, let your imagination run riot.
  • Write a short story fact or fiction
  • Please keep to 1000 words or less

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14 Responses to Homeward Bound

  1. Anonymous says:

    Liked! As soon as I read the brother’s name, I knew who your characters were. Do I know you, or do I know you? Love you

  2. djmatticus says:

    Ah, a fellow Arthurian legend lover. 😀 Fantastic!!
    Could definitely see this path through the woods as route to take towards Avalon. Not too difficult at all to imagine some hanging stones hidden in the darkness off to one side or the other, and perhaps some hollow hills and crystal caves tucked away in the background. 😉

  3. acuriousgal says:

    Very fascinating…I read to the end and was hanging on to your every word👍👍

  4. Lucy says:

    I am a big big big fan of Arthur. I’m partial to Arthur, secondly merlin. Of course I loved it. Wish it was longer. Lucy

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