All’s Fair

Mr. C Moordock Rutop, CEO of Worldmart, the largest corporation on the planet,  stared out the window of his 100th floor penthouse office.  The crowd gathering below in the plaza for the protest looked like ants scurrying around.  Even at this height, Rutop could discern some of the signs the protesters were carrying:  Murderer, Polluter, even Pedophile were clear as a bell.  Well, of course he was all those things; and even more about which the protesters had no idea.  To get to the the level he was at in the corporate world, one had to do many despicable things.  At least they would be considered despicable to the majority of the human race, but not to Rutop.  It was all simply a matter of doing business.

The stage was finally complete and a man with long hair stepped up and began chanting into a bullhorn, “Protect the Planet, Stop Rutop…”  That went on for a few minutes then the hippie with the bullhorn switched to, “No More Dick . . .”  That was not a new taunt for Rutop.  At prep school, one of the upper class-men had started that particular tease.  It was easily ignored, so the classmate switched it up to, “See More Dick,” at which point he pulled down Rutop’s trousers.  Of course the entire school saw a laughed.  Rutop kept his composure, but two weeks later, that upper class-man mysteriously disappeared.  The authorities never thought to dredge the quarry.  If they had, they would have found that pompous dolt at the bottom, cut into a dozen pieces.

Rutop turned away from the window long enough to pick up the phone and make a brief call.  Once concluded he returned to gaze upon the gathering of angry people in his honor.  In only a matter of minutes, sirens could be heard approaching the plaza.  In short order the city’s tactical response team arrived along with a few dozen city cops and several emergency response trucks.  The protesters saw what they were going to be up against, but to their credit – or doom- they maintained their ground.  For a few minutes the teams set up their perimeter, attached the water cannons to the building’s fire suppression systems, and cordoned off traffic.  Then on some unseen signal the cops and tactical teams moved in on the protesters.  The water cannons were unleashed causing a majority of the people to run or be knocked down hard by the spraying water.  Those individuals that escaped the cannon’s fury were  maced by the cops then put under arrest.  In a very brief time, the protest was over, the protesters were rounded up and carted off, and the plaza was glistening with the remains of the water.

The protester’s squandered vision trickled down into the storm drain along with the water from the cannons.  The only way to effect change was by ruthlessly forcing it.  Change never happened peacefully.  Rutop’s bloodless lips curled into a smile.  Once again, he came out on top.

–   –   –   –   –   –

This little docudrama was inspired by Stephanie’s Inspiration Monday.  And this time I kept within the word count . . . barely.  Why not join in?

The Rules

There are none. Read the prompts, get inspired, write something. No word count minimum or maximum. You don’t have to include the exact prompt in your piece, and you can interpret the prompt(s) any way you like.


No really; I need rules!

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8 Responses to All’s Fair

  1. djmatticus says:

    All’s fair in love and business. Can’t get to the top by being nice… I, um, er… completely understand. *smiles darkly*

    • I wish it were different, but it seems that those who are monetarily successful are because they are ruthless.

      • djmatticus says:

        Nice guys finish last. A cliche, but, still full of truth. Sad, yes. But, the world isn’t designed to reward “nice.” If we want something we have to take it by any means necessary.

      • Unless of course, our measuring stick is different than that of “Corporate America”. I’m darn proud of my fifteen year old truck. It runs, it’s long been paid for, and there’s no commercial that can weasel me into wanting a new vehicle. That’s not to say I wasn’t a slave to the gotta have more mentality. I was, and it got me into a snoot full of financial trouble. I try to be very careful now, measuring wants versus needs. I wish we could get back to a needs based economy. It was much healthier for everyone concerned, except maybe CEO’s.

      • djmatticus says:

        The problem now is that we are too far entrenched as a debt based society. If we suddenly switch gears to being solely needs based many companies will immediately fail and the loss of jobs will cause widespread economic downturn…
        My truck is 18 years old, has 220K+ miles on it, and I will drive it until it can no longer be repaired. 😉
        Heck, I still use a VCR player to record shows rather than any sort of DVR thing…

      • I know there is no “reset button” that we can push. But I can fantasize. I’m glad you have an old reliable truck. That just warms the cockles of my heart. We don’t have a DVD player, or even a VCR anymore. We just use our computers. We downloaded a great movie that we watched last night. It’s called Stalingrad. It was released last year. It was filmed in Russia, and is a very intimate look at the siege of Stalingrad. The subtitles were terrible, but you could still feel what was being said, and the cinematography was spectacular. It’s out on iTunes and I’m sure other places. Just a warning, I cried through most of it, it was so passionate.

      • djmatticus says:

        I remember hearing about it last year … I think there was a buzz around it for sure. It’s on my list! 😀

  2. Assuming all rich men are crooks is as dangerous as assuming all poor men are lazy.

    But you’ve written a great villain here; I love the impact of how quickly the protesters are dealt with. It really emphasizes his power, and makes me all the more desirous of his defeat!

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