The Road From Hell

Under the high monotony of starry skies, my car speeds through the night.  The center stripes of the two lane blacktop lick at the front quarter panel.  Lunatic fringe thoughts race through my mind while my foot steps further into the throttle.  Escape is the only clear conclusion.

The late evening moon challenges me on the left; falling behind in the curves but regaining ground in the straightaways.  Its light the only illumination now that Sin City is far behind.

The road is empty; the semis and cars safely ensconced in hotel parking garages while their drivers and passengers succumb to the siren call of the gambling halls.  But I no longer hear the captivating cry.  It fell to the floor the same moment  the bullet left the chamber and found its way into that man’s body.

Now, the bag of money in the trunk whispers caution as the Stingray careens around a bend, kicking up rocks that echo the report of the gun thrown carelessly in the passenger seat.  I take heed and let my foot relax, releasing the vehicle from its reckless course.  Lunacy begins to abate and cold hard calculation takes over.  The seeds of a plan begin to germinate.  A smile tugs at the corners of my mouth as my death-grip on the steering wheel softens.  And still the stars maintain their night watch in the heavenly skies.

–   –   –   –   –

So this is what you get when you combine reading several 1930’s detective novels and Jeremy’s fantastic Daily Challenge.  I’m also singing Chris Rhea’s Road to Hell along with Golden Earring’s Twilight Zone and Lunatic Fringe.  I think it’s going to be a good day.

What comes to your mind when you read these passages?

This week’s lines of poetry are:

  • She closes her eyes and sways – Permission Granted by David Allen Sullivan
  • Under the high monotony of starry skies – Austerity by Janet Loxley Lewis
  • And the lion glares through the dun forest – To the Evening Star by William Blake

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I do many things. I even write about some of them.
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6 Responses to The Road From Hell

  1. Craig says:

    Loving your latest contributions. I am so proud and happy you have found your “voice” and an avenue to share your art. Love you Auntie, your fave Nephew C

  2. Much Older Sister says:

    Sounds to me like the beginning of a dark crime novel.

  3. Once again you take a prompt and run wild with your imagination – great piece

    Thanks for taking part in the challenge

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