Summer Has Been Canceled


Photo Credit: Kadri Sammel

January 15 – First time we’ve had power in days.  Not much need for it though.  The wood stove is keeping us warm, but the smoke is beginning to affect our breathing.  Food storage is going okay; the entire outdoors is our refrigerator.  Radio dispatches say we can expect this to continue for several more months.  Will we have spring?

April 4 – Still snowing and bitterly cold.  Only difference is that the snow is heavier and weaker structures are beginning to collapse under the weight.  Harder to find fuel for the stove and the walls now all have a greasy smokey residue.  I can only imagine what our lungs look like.  Baby has had a cough for weeks that won’t go away.  Food is also becoming scarce.  Radio dispatch say this trend will continue.  What is going on?

June 30 – Finally had to get out on the road today.  Not much gas left in the car but what else can we do.  Fuel for the stove is non-existent, food is very difficult to come by.  Still grey and snowy outside, but now the snow is fine powdery stuff that dances and swirls along the roadway.  Don’t know how much longer Baby will live.  No longer has the energy to cough.  Don’t know how much longer any of us can go on.  Radio dispatch states there is no end in sight.  Where did we go wrong?

–   –   –   –   –   –

This little dystopian story is courtesy of moi’s Once More With Feeling prompt.  But don’t worry.  Here is the Pacific Northwest it is a beautiful sunny day (we just finished four days of rain).  Hopefully the rest of the summer will be nice.

What comes to mind when you look at this photo?

  • Using the picture below write an entry using the picture as Inspiration.


  • Write what feelings you get from the image, let your imagination run riot, It doesn’t have to be a story.
  • Write a short story fact or fiction
  • Please keep to 1000 words or less

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4 Responses to Summer Has Been Canceled

  1. moi says:

    Great take on the prompt, I never would have thought of a diary like entry, well done.

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