Liquid Sunshine

Green Fields

Credit: Unknown

The thunderstorm rages all afternoon.  A cacophony of flashing light, crackling sound, lashing rain, and fierce wind.  The only sanctuary is under the afghan on the sofa peering out the window as Nature vents her fury upon the land.

As early evening sets in, the tempest begins to abate, her temper utterly spent.  The thunder and lightning now far away in the hills, only rumbling every so often in a petulant manner.  The wind calms, reduced to a whisper through the spring leaves on the trees.  And the rain, no longer furious, just a mist softly caressing the earth.  The sun appears low in the sky and casts all it touches in the golden glow of rejuvenation.

A venture out onto the porch brings the smell of newly plowed earth and wet grass to the nostrils.  The amber light is warm and inviting.  And in the trees and bushes, the birds shake off the rain and begin to sing their evening songs.

–   –   –   –   –   –

Inspiration courtesy of moi and his weekly Once More With Feeling challenge.  What do you see or feel when you look upon this photo?  Why not share.


  • Using the picture below write an entry using the picture as Inspiration.


  • Write what feelings you get from the image, let your imagination run riot, It doesn’t have to be a story.
  • Write a short story fact or fiction
  • Please keep to 1000 words or less

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8 Responses to Liquid Sunshine

  1. moi says:

    Fantastic, I found it all very peaceful and serene, my ideal afternoon.

  2. Michael56j says:

    Stunning piece of descriptive writing.

  3. Maria says:

    Very good!
    I think you could put all your well written blog posts in a book, and publish it. Several websites have programs that helps you design it. (I personally like the free one you can get at if you’re interested in it, you could sell your book on Amazon. I think it would sell. Just an idea. You got lots of good content on your blog 🙂

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