A View Off The Porch – Coming Home

When I imagined doing this post, I thought about how to tell about all the trials and tribulations Poncho and I went through to get back into our home.  But now that we are here, all those issues just seem to wash away.  Because no matter the problems one has with building a home, or remodeling a home, or reclaiming a home, they all are moot once the last piece of furniture is moved in.  At least that is how it is with us.  Once the last three large heavy pieces were moved in, all the stresses and sorrows and hurts just floated away.  We are home.  We are where we are suppose to be.  So, instead of a tirade, I thought I would just show you where “here” is.


There is still much outdoor work to be done, but this is what it looks like to come home.


And a view of the living room.


No matter how hard I try, the kitchen is always a mess.


And the solace of the bedroom.

Words cannot begin to convey how happy I am to be back in this house.  It speaks to our interests, its warm glow lightens the darkest parts of a Pacific Northwest winter, and the wildlife that can be seen and heard out the windows reminds one that we are all part of a bigger world.

Cheers, from the Columbia River Gorge.


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2 Responses to A View Off The Porch – Coming Home

  1. Much Older Sister says:

    So glad you are now settled in. You sound so happy. And all is right in your world

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