Oh, Good Grief!



I love this time of year.  Why, my Northern Hemisphere brethren might ask with the shortening days and the polar vortex winding itself up in the Siberian Steppes?  Very simply.  This is the time where the BEST Charlie Brown television episodes air here in the U.S.  Today I treated myself to “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”  Next month will be “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”, and in December, “Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!”

These stories all came out in the 1960’s and 1970’s, when I was a little girl.  They spoke to me about the issues of culture, religion, fitting in, bullying, and being true to oneself.

So, which characters in the Peanut Gallery do you identify with?

First and foremost, I relate to Charlie Brown.  He is the eternal underdog.  He is always on the outside looking in.  He always hopes for that party invitation that never comes.  He questions all existence.

After that, I like to think of myself as having a little of Sally’s unquestioning romanticism.  When I love, it is with every fiber of my being; and when it goes all pear shaped, I am vengeance personified.

Then of course there is PigPen.  While I’m not quite to the level he is, I have been very close.  Not to mention, he is so eloquent when defending his personal hygiene choice.

Finally, I have to say I am a little bit like Woodstock.  Someone who dances to a different drummer, but who is always caught up in the doings of others.

I don’t think it matters what stripe, spot, scale or feather you come from; there is something in all of these episodes that can be related to.  If you have the opportunity, see if you can’t find these tales online and then ask yourself, “Are we so different?”  Then see if you can get Vince Guaraldi’s music out of your head.


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