A View Off The Porch – In The Rut

I haven’t had the opportunity to take many photos in the last several months with us being so busy doing property clean-up and my camera frankly getting very tired and unreliable.  But over the past couple days I have been able to capture the deer that are now making themselves very much at home here.  Now that there aren’t any dogs up here the deer have been coming right up around the house.  Also, with the seasonal rut going on we are seeing a lot of buck/doe interaction.

Right now we have a small herd of five does and juvenilles.   I haven’t had an opportunity to capture all five together, but here is a photo of two doe.  It was taken out our bedroom window looking north.


And until today, I thought we only had one adult buck, a young two prong.  But as this picture shows (sorry its a bit blurry) we now have a young three prong.  This is also out our north bedroom window.


All of the deer appear very healthy and ready for the cold winter months.


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2 Responses to A View Off The Porch – In The Rut

  1. Worth the wait. You are so lucky to have this kind of wildlife in your yard. I love nature!

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