Enter The Colosseum

Woman In Tunnel by Thomas Rousing

Woman In Tunnel by Thomas Rousing


Ophelia could hear the roar coming from the end of the tunnel.  Each time she traveled the now familiar route she was always shocked by how raucous the citizenry could be.
The dead and decaying leaves swirled around her legs silently; their rustle made mute by the sneers and jeers that she perceived.

Then at one of those strange moments where all noise ceases for just a second or two, Ophelia was struck by another sound she had not heard before; the angry yet fearful sound of a cat.  Her heart quickened.  What kind of devilry was waiting in that bright blinding light outside the tunnel.

She took a couple steps forward then stopped again to listen.  Above the din of noise she caught the growl again.  Slowly, and with more caution than she thought she possessed, Ophelia tiptoed her way to the tunnel’s exit.  And there, just inside the concrete structure, was a half grown orange tabby, trapped by some sort of snare that was placed by a careless person.  The domestic tiger growled and hissed at her then gave a plaintive cry.

“Oh, you poor baby,” Ophelia cooed as she slowly took a step toward the trapped kitten.

When she was about two feet from him she knelt down in the gravel and broken glass.  The feline hissed then cried again.  Ophelia took a careful visual inspection of how the snare was put together and how to get the kitten loose without too much trauma.

While Ophelia worked at the snare the orange kitten hissed a time or two but never struck out at her.  His terror was overpowering, but he understood that she was trying to help.

After what seemed like an eternity the little feline was loose.  He did not immediately bolt which gave Ophelia an opportunity to scoop him up and look at the injured leg.  There was severe abrasion to the skin, but it didn’t appear that anything was broken or deprived of blood flow.  She settled him into a more comfortable position in her arms and he made no attempt to escape.  Together they exited the tunnel and into the hustle and bustle of the cityscape.

–   –   –   –   –   –

Thanks to Jeremy and his new weekly Challenge.

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4 Responses to Enter The Colosseum

  1. Much Older Sister says:

    Love it! Hope all is well with you. It’s colder than all get out here and going to get even colder. So much for the sunny, warm South.

  2. Jez Farmer says:

    Gorgeous writing. Thank you for joining in


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