Don’t Tease The Animals

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Credit Unknown


Mom said there’d be days like this.

The twins just won’t leave me alone.  What was in that seal last night?  I can’t recall them being this rambunctious.

“Kaneq! . . . Pirta!  Would you two please go outside to play.”

Finally, maybe I can get a few minutes of quiet.

Now it’s too quiet.  Where did those two get off to?  What was that?  Did I just hear something scream?  Oh, by all that’s . . . what have they gotten into?  Did they just snare a rabbit?

Oh my goodness.  Look what you two have done.  One of those pitiful two legged creatures.  Kaneq’s got him in a hug, and Pirta is sliding up for the take down.

“Pirta . . . Kaneq . . . What have I told you about teasing those less fortunate than us?  That’s nothing more than a dumb animal.  You can’t toy with them like that.”

Did it just drop something?  These two leggers are so strange.  They seem to be unable to keep themselves warm so they wrap all this weird stuff around them.  And they play with all manner of items.  They must surely have a very protracted infancy.

What is this it just dropped?  There’s no scent to it.  Why does it want it back so badly?

“Here you go.  Just keep calm.  Twins, move away from it.  It doesn’t like being teased.”

Look how it holds that object.  You’d think it were the best cut of seal.  I’ll never understand these creatures.

“Come on, children, let’s go back to the cave and have a nap.  I think we’ve all earned one.”

–   –   –   –   –   –

Thanks to moi and his Once More With Feeling Challenge.  I thought I’d write this from the Polar Bear’s perspective.  What they must think of us silly bare skinned creatures.  What comes to mind when you see this.  Join the fun.


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5 Responses to Don’t Tease The Animals

  1. moi says:

    Superb. I never thought of the bears angle 😀

  2. Much Older Sister says:

    Good one!

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