Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here Daily Prompt: Interior

via Daily Prompt: Interior

The interior spaces of my mind are packed with consequential and inconsequential matters.  My minds eye flits from one item to the next, mulling it over, examining it from every angle.  What are the potential outcomes? Will there be problems?  Then those potentialities spring into being and enter my mind to set up housekeeping.  These interior spaces look like a hoarder’s house.  No room to move about.  No order to the stacks of problems I’ve created for myself.  It seems, in fact, the only thing I do not worry about, the only thing that isn’t on my list of things to worry about, is cleaning.  I tried that once; to clean out the spaces of my mind.  It lasted a whopping 30 seconds.  I couldn’t divest myself of these issues that truly have no business taking up space in my mind.  I mean who knows, maybe someday I will be called upon to solve the world’s problems and that little file needs to be ready to be whipped out.  So I keep all these big and little potential ideas wrapped warm and cozy on the minuscule chance that maybe, just maybe, someday, they will be called upon to be put into action.


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One Response to Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here Daily Prompt: Interior

  1. Anonymous says:

    Liked this. As all the little and big things stayed in their warm, cozy space, all is good. At least in my disorderly mind. So glad you are writing again.

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