Farewell To The Holidays

via Daily Prompt: Gone

It’s all gone.  Well, almost all.  The tree came down the very next day.  Of course it had been a live tree until we cut it down and it was getting quite dry.  Making it go away was being just plain safe.  The stockings are gone.  The treats they held are now in a bowl on the kitchen counter, and even they are almost gone.  Most of the decorations are put away; a couple are still out.  I like to look at them and after the price I paid for them, they should be displayed for longer than four weeks.  The chile lights are still up, but then they are always up.  They are a kitsch reminder of my southwestern roots.  And the outdoor lights that are wrapped around the stair railing outside are still out there.  At night they allow easy use of the stairs without turning on the bright overhead floodlights.  Yes, the holidays are definitely gone, but some of the trappings I’m keeping around for just a bit longer; a reminder of the festive season.  I just wish the pounds that I put on would go away.


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