Crossing Paths

Over the past five days I have successfully avoided crossing paths with all other human beings except for my husband.  Now for the vast majority of the population that would seem like a punishment, as most humans are extroverts.  I, on the other hand, am an introvert.  It has been heaven on earth.  The only person I have had any interaction with is Poncho.  And quite frankly, he is the only person with whom I want to interact.

During December, I picked up twice the number of hours I normally work.  And for anyone other than an introvert that wouldn’t seem like much since I only work part-time to begin with.  While those extra hours, and therefore extra dollars, is more than welcome, putting myself out there to cross paths with others was a huge drain on my psyche.

Don’t get me wrong.  The job I have I am very grateful to have.  Where I work we do good things for the people of the community.  But the energy it takes to deal with these wonderful people leaves me exhausted at the end of the day.  I get home, spend a spot of time with Poncho, eat dinner, then I’m off to bed.

I am surprised that these five days have gone by so quickly and that I have to get up tomorrow and start again crossing paths with the members of society.  I am already counting down the days (of which there are only two) until I will be able to hide away from everyone.

Crossing paths is not something I do well naturally.  Give me a warm home, my cat, and my very devoted husband, and I am a most content person.


Written in response to the Daily Post Crossing

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1 Response to Crossing Paths

  1. Sweet Sana says:

    You are so me 🙂

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