No Will No Way

I was trying to make a piece of flash fiction come together about a little boy in a candy shop and the shopkeeper distracted for today’s one word prompt of “tempted”.  Of course real life completely took over and created an even better story.  Today, while at work, my most wonderful boss brings out a bowl full of chocolate treats that evidently had been left over from Halloween.  I know!  Who still has leftover candy?  Anyway, this bowl had M & M’s, both plain and peanut, Almond Joy’s, and York’s Peppermint Patties.  He just nonchalantly brings this bowl out from his office, and places it next to the hard candy bowl that we keep out for our clients.  Over the nearly two years I have been there, I have only about six times gotten into the hard candy.  I like hard candy, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t send my inner child into larceny overdrive.  Well, now there is this chocolate candy bowl.  I’ve been staring at it since he brought it out, but have not partaken only because I have been busy with the business of my job.  But let me tell you one thing.  Once he left an hour early for the day, it wasn’t five minutes before I was overcome by temptation to paw through the bowl, picking out the chocolatey treats that had been taunting me for a good two hours.  If I had been five years old, I would have had chocolate all over my face; and I very well might have.  I just had the presence of mind to wipe it off with a tissue.  I was tempted and I have no regrets in succumbing to said temptation.  And come tomorrow morning, there may or may not be anything left in that bowl by the time my boss arrives to work.

Daily Prompt Tempted


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