The Sun and The Moon

After several days of constant wintery weather with no breaks of sunshine I am deeply missing that big, warm orb in the sky.  The feel of the sun’s rays on my face seems a distance memory from when we were in Albuquerque back in October.  With these dreary overcast days the only shine that we can get is of the moon variety.  Moonshine might not provide a body with vitamin D but it does give a nice warm glow to the skin.  Of course, as with sunshine, moonshine is best partaken of in modest quantities.  Otherwise that glow turns into a burn.  So until the sun comes back to the Pacific Northwest, or I get back to the Desert Southwest, I’ll have to satisfy my need for shine from the liquid moon sort.  Cheers to All!

The Daily Post Shine

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2 Responses to The Sun and The Moon

  1. bikerchick57 says:

    I miss the sun too. It seems it only comes out when we have frigid temperatures. This time of year, I would love to see the sun on a day when it’s in the 30’s or 40’s and no wind. That would feel good.

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