Standing Up

Today I cannot be quiet.  Today I must stand up and be counted.  As a woman who has risen above being sexually attacked by someone whom I trusted yet who thought it was his god given right to have sex, to see these T-shirts is not just an insult, it is an outrage.   And those out there buying them and think it’s okay, I say “NO!”  How do we protect our daughters, granddaughters, nieces, girlfriends, all women when this is what is considered okay.  How do we teach our sons, grandsons, nephews, boyfriends, all men to respect and cherish women when this is considered acceptable.  If you have a young woman in your life, give them the tools to protect themselves.  They deserve to be able to walk down the street unmolested, but that is no longer the world we are leaving them.  Teach them to be strong.  Share and get the word out.  This is not acceptable.



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2 Responses to Standing Up

  1. valeriarios says:

    It’s even worse when it’s not just strangers doing this. It’s people in your own life. People you call friends. Well.. Now called friends. People you admired. It’s incredibly disappointing. I’ve been told that “it’s a joke” and “to get over it”, but it’s anything but a joke. It’s a direct insult. Especially when these people know my history. They know I’m a survivor.

    • I like to think that we are more than victims or even survivors. We overcame an assault to our very lives. We are warriors! You, me, and every other person who has had someone try to take away who we are.

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